Shahzad Ashraf

Time: 2020-06-19      Form: BERECA2022      

Biography: SHAHZAD ASHRAF received B.E. degree in Computer Systems Engineering, and M.E. in Communication System and Networks from Mehran Engineering & Technology University, Jamshoro Pakistan in 2004, and 2014 respectively. He got Ph.D. degree in Information and Communication Engineering with the College of Internet of Things of Engineering, Hohai University Changzhou China in 2018. From 2005 to 2016, he served as an Assistant Professor at NFC Institute of Engineering and Technology Multan, Pakistan.
His area of interest includes computer engineering, wireless communication, robotics and control, signal processing, grid and distributed computing, computer hardware and networks, vector graphics designing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, neuro-fuzzy systems, computer architecture, solid state devices, and web engineering.
He is an active and prominent reviewer of many renowned international journals including IEEE, ACM, wireless personal communications, IET, IETE, international journal of distributed sensor networks, international journal of microwave and wireless technologies, journal of robotics and control, international journal of data science and analytics, international journal of computers & technology, Technium: romanian journal of applied sciences and technology, iran journal of computer science, international arab journal of information technology, emerald: sensor review, international journal of pervasive computing and communications, journal of engineering and technology, i manager: journal on wireless communication networks, international journal of advanced research in computer and communication engineering, advances in science, technology and engineering systems journal, and IGI global.